Tuesday, November 17, 2015

For some reason I have not painted fruit before

This is an example of a still life that was painted from a drawing, versus a pile of apples in front of me.

First I drew some apples, and painted a few of them.  Experimentally I drew the empty bowl with a spoon or two...then put apples in the silver bowl. The background was black and table was red with a bit of cloth...the notes on the drawing refer to that. Things change. Edward Hopper said something that struck a chord with me: "There's more of me in it when I improvise," or words to that effect. When  I read that I thought how true. That can't be true of everyone though. With some artists things are planned down to each detail ahead of time. 

The apples were then cut up and baked into a dessert. Next time I'm at the store I'm going to pay attention to the apples that are not red, because I want to use them next time I do apples. There must be a billion types of apple now. Some are so much better tasting than others. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Still Life of Smelts

A dish of smelts. I painted them much larger than they are in actuality. In real life they are small, some of them no longer than a matchstick. Not long ago I was reading how-to-paint-and-here-are-my-secrets book by a famous living artist,and he wrote, "If you ever paint something larger than it really is, you'd better have a damn good reason." I think there are lots of good reasons to paint something bigger than it is, but I think in the eyes of some representational artists it takes things into the realm of abstraction and becomes taboo or something.