Friday, January 29, 2016


Flowers are one of my favorite things. In this case they were camellias from an old, old group of bushes that had turned into a big hedge that was as high as a rooftop.  (Not in the desert but up the coast from here.) 

There were two colors blooming. I put them in a saucer and set the saucer on the grass and painted them. They have very short stems, camellias, so they often get put into a shallow bowl or cup. To  put them in a vase you have to put in branches of camellia, and they are so slow-growing it seems a pity to do that. 

Camellia's are part of the tea family. Alexandre Dumas wrote his story about the lady of the camellias, based on a real woman named Marie du Plessis, I think, a courtesan who was known for having a beguiling personality and exceptional taste in clothes. Apparantly when one of her paramours caught her in a fib she made the excuse: "Lying makes your teeth white." 

The weather is finally getting warmer. I'm so glad. In the desert, when it's cold it's bone chilling. On the other hand, when it's cold the paintings stay wet longer which suits me best. 

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