Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Rocks and Water

Anything is better than watching the presidential primaries. I would rather go outside and paint rocks. I would a billion times rather paint rocks than look at those politician's remarkably ugly faces and listen to their ugly comments.  It's hard to believe that  any of them are geniuses, and with all the brilliant minds in this nation it seems desperately sad that we have these few people to choose from when it comes to running this wonderful country. I'm just an artist, so what do I know---the older I get I realize more and more that I am just a real creative type with all its faults and benefits---I think I've got a brain but then I surprise myself by doing all sorts of stupid things.   Watching television lately, assessing these politicians, has been painful in unexpected ways---I felt smart for once---and was ashamed for those people. It's as if they couldn't see how awful they were. Or maybe they're preoccupied---or maybe they don't care. 

It's loathsome when people set themselves up as a moral guidepost for others to admire, but to embrace bad manners is disgusting, and let's face it----they all did it. On the other hand, and I do believe this, I don't think any president can 'win' in our political climate, so perhaps a president can't waste time being polite.  Nowadays it's all about the tear-down. People are so anxious to manipulate public thought, whether they are right or wrong, and in that atmosphere you can only hope that any president can still have time while in office to accomplish something worthwhile in the middle of  all that self-defense.  Strange. And it's all about the media, and how irresponsible the media can be when disseminating opinions and impressions with the same assiduity as if they were presenting facts. Admit it, when anyone with a cellphone can be a CNN roving correspondent, you know the media is a Pandora's box that has been opened, for better and for worse. 

Note: I wrote this a few days ago, and now that Ted Cruz has withdrawn I won't bother commenting on the blog anymore about the whole thing. So  glad he is gone. Hopefully he won't pull a Sarah Palin and keep popping back onto center stage like a bad joke that never dies. After his drop-out speech he hugged his supporters here and there while the cameras rolled, and in the process elbowed his wife in the face (twice). I felt sorry for her. She acted like it happens all the time. 

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