Tuesday, September 27, 2016


This is number one of a quartet of paintings; rather than one long horizontal painting, it was painted in four squares of 14"14" on oil painting paper. I am so crazy about painting on oil painting paper it's hard to express. It's wonderful to work on. In this case the edges of the paper are torn, not cut,  and the paintings will be under glass on a floating type of mat so that the painting itself, the paper, will cast a slight shadow and appear to float slightly in a surrounding matt. It gives a modern aspect which I like a lot. I can't stand, can't even bear to look at, old fashioned frames anymore, particularly the heavy black kind that makes a huge black boxey square on the wall. They're nice in their own way, traditional frames, but...they're just everywhere. And they've been everywhere for so long now. I like floating frames and I like oil paintings under glass sometimes. It cleans up that heaviness that can take over when you have a lot of paintings on a wall. 

This is number two. I'm not good enough with computers to make these photos line up horizontally in a row on this blog page. 

This painting is number 3

This painting is the final one, number 4 

I found this progress photo that shows how they line up, more or less. 


  1. I like these. Very much I met you today at the gallery you are wonderful thanks

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Dawn, it was nice to have met you and Ingrid yesterday.


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