Tuesday, June 27, 2017

New surroundings

My new studio is coming along slowly. I can function in it the way it is, more or less, but it's not set up yet and won't be until the proper lighting goes in, along with a work table, etc. But it's ok. The doors to the outside have to stay open for light and air, and with all the boxes still packed and stacked,  my space is limited so I watch where I step. Lately a little scurrying sound keeps taking me by surprise. I look down and a little lizard is running for cover, under a box of brushes near my painting area.  The lizard is about five inches long and very cute. When I step more than ten feet away it will come out and look around again. It sees me and freezes, then will dash back under the box when I get close to the easel.  It doesn't worry me that he'll be shut in and die, because there are plenty of crevices for a lizard to get through to outdoors, it just surprises me that he thinks there are any bugs in here for him to subsist on. If I were a lizard I would want to be where the bugs are. But it's bloody hot outside so the cool must feel like a treat. 

There is a different sort of lizard in the back of the house, always sitting on the same fence post. It is more weathered looking and robust than the one in the studio-to-be, which is a more slender and graceful variety. The weathered one looks like a bit of tree bark. It will lay in the boiling sun and appear to do push-ups. It must be to attract a mate, who I suppose he hopes is laying in the shade and observing the whole thing.